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SiteMeUp was founded by Michael Richards in early 2008. SiteMeUp started as a web development agency based in Cape Town.

SiteMeUp remained exclusively a web development agency until Michael Richards invested his knowledge into the analytical understanding of online users. Michael’s insight began the migration towards becoming the online marketing agency you see today.

In early 2010, SiteMeUp opened its doors as a complete online marketing agency. The understanding of digital marketing channels and the effects they have on each other, have proven to be effective as a relationship. This new growth developed into long-term relationships with our clients, and have allowed us to achieve better online marketing results.

Towards the end of 2011, SiteMeUp implemented an outsourced online marketing solutions which consists of allocated hours within a retainer package. This outsourced online marketing solution proved to be the turning point for SiteMeUp and their clients. The set allocation of hours enabled them to implement online marketing strategies to better serve their clients in a controlled environment.

About SiteMeUp

Then in early 2012 SiteMeUp re-branded to become SiteMeUp Online Marketing (Pty) Ltd.

Small businesses and Big brands rely on SiteMeUp Online Marketing everyday. To get started, complete the online enquiry form and a consultant will contact you to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

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Managing Director Michael Richards is assisted by a team of professionals which include copywriters, designers and developers which total a compliment of 10 individuals combing their knowledge and work to bring you world-class online marketing solutions. Through the years, SiteMeUp has expanded their client reach internationally covering South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, China and Canada. With this ever increasing growth that SiteMeUp has experienced, we consider it as a true reflection of the work we commit ourselves in doing every day.

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