Add orders on behalf of your customers and provide them an easy payment link

Add orders for customers and providing them an easy payment link.

  • Sometimes you want to give special, exceptional pricing to a customer.
  • You might want to just send a “payment link” to your customers.
  • Sometimes you want to pre-fill an order with the customers details for them and allow them to make a payment online.

If you are using WooCommerce, here is a handy solution for all such situations. This will also cut down the time spent by your customer while making a purchase…


  1. Go to ‘WooCommerce > Orders’ from sidebar admin menu
  2. Click on ‘Add order‘ to add a new order.
  3. Fill all the details – search for and add the customer, look up their billing / shipping details, and add them up if they don’t have it already, add products, their quantities and prices… Discounts if any.
  4. Keep the order status as ‘Pending’, calculate taxes & order total, now save order.


  • When your customer logs into their “My Account” area, they will see this order and a ‘Pay’ button for this order in their account.
  • They can now make the payment and complete the purchase.


  1. Should you want to send a payment link for an order or invoice to the customer:
  2. Look for ‘Orders Action‘ box at top-right corner.
  3. From the ‘Actions’ drop down select ‘Customer Invoice‘ & click ‘Round shaped’ button alongside that.
  4. Click it to send the invoice to the customer’s billing e-mail address with a link to pay for it.

And thats it, a simple way to create an order and send it to your customer to get payment completed.

Below please find some screenshots to assist in order of the above process.

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