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What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter strategically composes writing (known as copy) that informs readers about a product or service you offer. But, there is a lot more to it than that. A copywriter makes your website discoverable through SEO, and, having drawn readers, the copywriter’s carefully crafted copy will keep readers engaged and move them to take action regarding your product or service. This is the skill of the copywriter.

5 reasons you should use a copywriter

Experts believe you only have about 2-7 seconds to hook a visitor to remain on your website. A copywriter knows how to maximise the effectiveness of landing pages by writing gripping headlines and compelling content, ensuring that visitors stay on your page and don’t click somewhere else.
Copywriters know how to deliver content that is correct and concise. Nothing puts people off your website more quickly than poor grammar, incorrect spelling and large amounts of irrelevant content. Copywriters excel in being grammatically correct and in writing content that is crisp and which communicates effectively with your readers.
Copywriters know how to write for page optimisation. They use language that your potential customers use when searching for what you offer. Known as SEO (search engine optimisation), it ensures that Google views you as the best search result.
Copywriters craft their content with the aim of turning your visitors into customers. Not all content does this, but a copywriter knows how to fine-tune your content so that visitors become interested in what you offer. The copywriter works also to present you as the party they would desire to do business with, providing a clear call to action so they make contact with you.
A professional image online is worth paying for. Are you prepared to risk your reputation on a poorly constructed website? While you may be making use of professional images and design, you also need to ensure your content is of the same high standard so that you stand out from the rest.

Good copy is the backbone of your website. It not only draws customers through SEO, it also ensures they stay on site and read your content. Ultimately, your content will determine whether they take action and contact you, or whether they go elsewhere.

Don’t delay; contact one of our copywriters today for a free quote, because you cannot afford not to have a professional presence online.


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