Create seasonal content to promote your brand


Create seasonal content to promote your brand

Seasonal content is very important when planning your content calendar as it makes use of the hype that already exists around a particular holiday or season, if used correctly this could earn your brand annual customers. The aim isn’t to talk about the holiday or season but to incorporate your brand by making it relevant and create an interest in your brand during this time.

Promote Your Products/Services:

Associate your products or services with certain holidays by creating shopping guides, promotions or gift ideas that link back to something your business offers.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Heritage Day could work well with a product guide. Let’s use Heritage Day as an example, use a shopping guide to promote braai tools, food items, beers or, accessories for entertaining braai guests. If it’s a service you offer, offer free items relating to the day.

The goal is to link your brand to specific seasonal events or holidays that show your brands usefulness to clients that are unique. Use social media to get more views since people tend to share content they like or find informative. Make use of hashtags related to the day or seasonal event to help expand audience reach. 

Some important parts of seasonal promoting:

  • Planning well ahead:
    • By using tools like Google Trends you can determine what dates to start promoting your brand to gain traction towards your chosen holiday based on past trends and interest shown by consumers in specific areas.
  • Knowing your target demography:
    • Choose your target audience, think of it like fishing, when you know what to catch you use a specific bait or lure. By using specific demographics i.e. Age and gender groups, married couples, start-up business owners etc. you’ll be able to refine your posts to appeal to audiences more likely to purchase what you’re selling.
  • Choosing holidays that are relatable to your industry to maximize potential sales:

    • For example, if you sold flowers you wouldn’t necessarily focus your marketing during winter months or around Father’s day but instead Valentine’s or Mother’s day. Think with Google offers many tools that help us determine peak selling seasons for specific types of industries.

Add Some Humour

Create content that sets you apart from other brands. Special days allow room for entertaining content that may keep potential customers thinking about your brand long after they’ve went on about their day.

Research suggests humour works well to drive awareness and can make a brand more “likeable” but, an ad based purely on making your audience laugh doesn’t drive sales. A good way to use this information would be to create an informative ad with the right amount of humour to get that social media share but also conveying your brand message across clearly.

In conclusion, planning ahead ensures high quality content that capitalises on the hype around these days or seasons. By using past trends as a guide coupled with a clever ad strategy and relevant promotions you’ll be well on the way to a successful marketing year.

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