Hetzner’s change to Outgoing Email Policy

Outgoing Emails

Hetzner’s change to Outgoing Email Policy

Hetzner has updated their outgoing email policy to reduce spam on their network which you will find below.

In an effort to stop spam from leaving our network, we make use of SpamExperts, a leading international email security service, for all outgoing mail. This minimises the risk of our email servers being blacklisted.

From Tuesday, 5 July 2016 we will implement a new outgoing email policy in order to reap the full benefit of SpamExperts. This may affect you in the following ways (please forward this onto your web developer for further action):

  • Should you send an email from an email address that doesn't contain your domain name (for either the 'from' field or the 'reply to' field), and this email bounces, it will bounce back to your webmaster@ mailbox. For this reason, please ensure that a webmaster@ mailbox exists. This is particularly relevant if your email software does automatic bounce monitoring
  • If your website sends email (i.e. mails generated by feedback forms, contact us forms and other email sending mechanisms on your website), your web developer must follow the below guidelines in order to ensure that these emails are successfully sent:
    • If the date in the email header is too far in the past or the future, the email will be rejected and bounced back to the sender.
    • If the email contains more than one of the same header types, eg. multiple 'From:' headers, the email will be rejected and bounced to the sender.
    • If the email body contains more than 998 characters in a single line ie. without a line break, the email will be rejected and bounced to the sender.

For more information and examples on RFC compliant email please refer to this
Help Centre article.

If you are currently hosting your website as a SiteMeUp client please contact our office for confirmation that your email accounts wont be effected.

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