What online marketing trends to focus on in 2019


What online marketing trends to focus on in 2019

With 2019 still fresh and full of opportunity why not take the bull by the horns and make the most of the latest trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

Below we showcase our must consider, if not implement trends for 2019 for your business.

Machine Learning and Automation.

With technology, marketing has become complicated with regards to keeping customers interested in your products or services. These days there are many tools capturing information about your online users who are browsing your website. These tools provide consumers the opportunity to do in-depth research before deciding on purchasing or enquiring on products and services similar to yours.

That said, analytic tools can be used by marketers. By using the information stored on these systems, marketers can run automated campaigns that put the adverts people want to see, right in front of them. These adverts are then shown to the user based on what your users have shown interest in and even the price ranges they’ve looked at. This all resulting in more clients engaging with your ad campaigns and ultimately increase your sales or enquiry rate.

These online tools still require manual work to tell the system what to optimise for and in to what detail. Remember, It’s better to optimise for long term growth than to get too obsessed with efficiency or measure in too much detail, missing the vast opportunities which are right in front of you. 

Chatbots are growing and expected to grow in leaps.

According to Gartner 25% of online customer service and support will make use of chatbot technology by the year 2020, from a mere 2% in 2017 that’s a big leap and shows lots of promise. Businesses are already using WhatsApp and Messenger as the leading platforms for this as well as AI chatbots on websites. One of the ideal uses for these bots are to streamline customer queries and provide clients with more time to continue browsing or purchasing without having to call in or fill out forms.

Completing a Customer Experience.

Customer Experience goes hand in hand with automation, customers want an easy process when purchasing products or looking for services online. Tools like automation and AI chat bots help to improve customer experience by either guiding customers through the sale process with suggestions along their journey to checkout. Happy customers are your mini brand ambassadors, so encourage them to talk about their experiences on social media, this will help to build trust and a strong brand reputation. A customer’s journey does not end at checkout or enquiry, keeping your customers informed on information around their interest is an ongoing process and automation is a streamlined, time saving as well as an efficient way to communicate with your customer.

The above is a short introduction on what to focus on in 2019 for your business. For a more in-depth discussion or a digital marketing solution tailored towards your business, give us call or pop us an email. Better yet, why not use our AI on our website for an instant response.

Do you have any comments or other suggestions that you have tried? Drop a comment and we will respond.

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