Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

SiteMeUp has teamed up with Video Brand to offer a comprehensive online video production solution.

Video Brand is run by Shaun Cameron and Marinda Parsons who have over 30 years combined industry experience in Film and Design.

They provide a wide range of video production services, from controlled environment studio shoots including greenscreen to location shoots and live event filming.

For more information on Video Brand view their website at

To give you some idea on how effective online video marketing is we have provided you with a brief Annual report overview from Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner had it’s fourth annual social media study where more than 3800 marketers reveal their focus in social media activities and how much time they invest. In this very detailed report your will find out how Video Marketing could benefit you.

Here’s a quick Report Preview:

SiteMeUp is able to provide you with additional service’s once your Video has completed its production. From embedding your Video to your website and other social media platforms to full analytic statistics to show the effectiveness of your production video.

For more information contact us today.

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