SEO and PPC a relationship?

SEO and PPC a relationship

SEO and PPC a relationship?

I have come across many discussions on the advantages of SEO and PPC which are often treated as individual marketing strategies.

This should not be the case, both PPC and SEO work best together. In a relationship, think of PPC as the husband and SEO as the wife. PPC is statistical and every keyword has statistics attached to it with an end goal in mind called a conversion. SEO has a larger outreach in communication and generally is more trustworthy!!

So I will talk about how PPC and SEO can become a successful ‘marriage’ partnership.

I will explain what we want to achieve from a PPC campaign so it can benefit a SEO marketing campaign.

Some benefits of PPC:

  • Allocate a budget to suit your pocket
  • Instant ranking on Google and Google partner sites with keywords
  • Graphic adverts on industry related websites (Display Network)
  • Adverts can be targeted geographically allowing you to market from local areas to the world
  • Adverts related to the keywords you supply
  • Clicks on the advert can be targeted to the related landing page
  • Conversions (Many types but an enquiry or Lead conversion is the best for analysing)
  • Out rank your competitors by allocating more budget to converting keywords (Keywords that result in an enquiry)
  • Re-targeting (Target users who did not convert on your website)

Some benefits of SEO:

  • Top ranking position takes a huge majority of traffic
  • Higher trust factor than PPC campaigns
  • Once ranking has been established easier to maintain position
  • On page SEO can be used as longer descriptive adverts than PPC
  • Targeting your SEO geographically is a larger area
  • Conversion percentage is higher through SEO listings than PPC
  • Rank in all search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

So how do these similar online marketing strategies benefit each other? The strategy we recommend is to implement a PPC campaign first and then SEO.

With the analytic statistics from a PPC campaign we are able to distinguish keywords that are converting, this means that these keywords are very relative to your search audience. We are then able to create an effective SEO campaign based on these power house proven keywords.

So do we then stop the PPC campaign?

No, having results in both organic listing (SEO) and Sponsored listings (PPC) have a higher trust factor together than if individually shown. When results are displayed on google and you are visible in both organic and sponsored listings a user’s trust in the listing is higher.

You may remember I mentioned in paragraph two about conversion? Well if not, this is the most important part of a marketing campaign. We can generate targeted leads to your website with PPC and SEO but converting them into a potential lead or increasing the chances of the user to create an enquiry is call conversion optimisation. Your website is required to be user friendly with effective call to actions, this all depends on layout, design, navigation and very importantly website content.

Copywriting is an art in it itself, it has also been a headache for many companies looking to put original, appealing and effective copy for users. If you are able to get all 4 factors mentioned in this article you will see an excellent return on investment.

Below is our info graphic to sum up this article and if you require further information contact us for an appointment.


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