The quick 5 step guide to increase leads online

The quick 5 step guide to increase leads online

The quick 5 step guide to increase leads online

There are many online marketing methods out there, to take into consideration. I am going to give you a quick overview of the best performing methods to increase your lead potential. Small businesses often need to know where is best to invest their marketing budget. Listed below are 5 helpful points for small businesses on what should take priority when creating better leads on your website:

1. User friendly website with the right message.
Before looking at spending budget to increase clicks to your website you need to ensure your website is ready to receive them. Too often we come across businesses that want to increase there leads and they feel that running campaigns are enough. This is not the case, generating clicks to a website is not the difficult part, converting them into a lead is.

Conclusion: Make sure your website has sufficient “Call to actions” (Enquire Now, Get started, Contact forms). Re-look at your website from a user perspective and see how far you get or where you could improve the navigational flow of your website. Content is also key, make sure your website content speaks your brand and relays the correct message.

2. PPC Marketing
Now that you have established your website to cater for visitors you can now start marketing your website. PPC serves two functions that can assist you:

Attracting your target market to your website:
PPC campaigns are great to get you listed on page 1 of google and these are great results for a small company, however, your adverts need to speak to your visitors and keywords are required to be refined to ensure you are not wasting budgets on unrelated clicks. Now that you are producing targeted clicks to your website you can let your website focus on converting these clicks to leads.

Understanding your market:
PPC is a great tool to establish what keywords are converting clicks to leads. With this information you can now focus on an effective SEO campaign. PPC gives you insight as to what your users are searching for and what phrases are creating enquiries. This is where knowledge on your user activity is key to future online marketing campaigns.

3. Social Media Marketing
Social media which I am sure everyone is familiar with is also a fantastic and affordable marketing solution for small businesses. Consider your website as a base whereby you share information. When sharing from your website to social media platforms you direct traffic back to your website when a user wants to read more.

Again we revert back to point 1 that your website can then give the user an opportunity to enquire which is what we consider a lead. Advertising on Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also bring great results, however before considering advertising on social media, ensure you have the time allocated to keep your social media up to date and relative to your company brand.

4. Mailshot Marketing (Newsletters)
Mailshot marketing is still an effective way of marketing. Why… your database will consist of users that have either already engaged with your services or are interested in your offerings. This gives you a head start related to what we would call the “trust factor”. Mailshots have even better opening and sharing statistics when showing promotions, specials and events and why not? Everyone likes a good deal. We also consider mailshots as a brand awareness strategy keeping your company in the forefront of your previous, current and potential clients. A note for mailshot marketing is to keep it constant so your users expects your mail.

Consistent marketing has a proven background compared to the ‘flash in a pan’ promotion.

5. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEO can prove to be a costly solution for small businesses, but to consider the potential results from SEO is definitely a must to do or at least consider. Should you have invested in the above solutions in priority order you would now be well prepared to run a successful SEO campaign. Your website has been optimised to take care of your users, you have run a PPC campaign to distinguish what keywords are effective for your SEO campaign and your other marketing efforts such as Mailshot marketing and Social media marketing are generating self sustained leads. Ranking in the “Organic Results” of Google adds huge credibility to a company as an effective and leader in what they do. Now consider your company ranking in organic results and PPC (Sponsored Listings). This would be considered the ideal solution for a company looking to create an effective presence online.

Thank you for your taking the time to read through The Quick 5 Step Guide to increasing leads online. Just a reminder that the above process is available with our Outsourced Online Marketing Solution.

We are able to customise your requirements to suit your budget over a period of 6 months to a year.

Please feel free to comment, share or enquire .

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